About us

KHODIYAR PLASTIC INDUSTRIES is a ahmedabad(GUJRAT) based company Mfg. of plastic injection moulding machine. The global in plastics processing machinery and manufacturing technologies. With over 25 years of manufacturing experience in this field, we bring world - class technology and innovation at your doorstep .

KHODIYAR PLASTIC INDUSTRIES strives to find better solutions to customer needs. We are committed towards offering the best in terms of innovation, quality, delivery and value, to build productivity we are driven to provide growth opportunities to our employees and suppliers while adhering to the business philosophy of total quality leadership and customer satisfaction, employee opportunity, company growth and integrity, in all we do

Among our products are both standalone plastic applications and components for integration into larger business solutions. All our products are based on the concepts in technology.

KSB Industries

The present - day KHODIYAR PLASTIC INDUSTRIES grew out of a small machine shop needed a new machine to improve productivity.

KHODIYAR PLASTIC INDUSTRIES's broad lines of general - purpose injection molding machine and help make the company the largest supplier of machines and components to process plastic industries in the world.

Over the next several decades, the company will grow in to the india's largest machine. In the 1995,

Today, KHODIYAR PLASTIC INDUSTRIES's plastics extend beyond machines and systems to include mold bases, moldmaking tools, components and other aftermarket parts and services.

Today, KHODIYAR PLASTIC INDUSTRIES's plastics held company with a bright future, thanks to a strong balance and an even stroger commitment to serving customers around the globe with a bright future, thenks to a strong balance sheet and an even stronger commitment to serving customers around the globe with the best products, Services and market expertise available .

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Company history

1998 year new beginnings for the company as its businesses transitioned to KHODIYAR PLASTIC INDUSTRIES, a stronger, leaner organization that is better poised than ever to meet the needs of its customers head - on and introduce the next generation of plastics processing technologies and industrial fluids.

The individual brands of KSB lion in injection moulding and hydraulic Moulding , DME in mold technologies continue to bring their leading technologies and services to customers just as they have over their rich, storied histories, dating back over 25 years.


Our Products

Injection Moulding machine capacity : 20 ton to 350 ton

Vertical hydraulic Moulding machine capacity : 30 gm to 1 kg

Vertical screw type Moulding machine capacity : 30 ton to 1 kg

Compact Moulding machine capacity : 30 Gm & 60 Gm

Hydraulic Power press capacity : 5 ton & 200 ton

Our products stand for :

  • Superior technology
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Precision & reliability
  • System solution
  • Integrity in all we do

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